Tuesday, January 6, 2009

03. New Year

My New year was kind of lame this year. Co-worker James*invited me over to his girlfriends place for NYE, which was too sweet, but I ended up getting sick that evening after dinner (pizza, yum!), so I spent the rest of the night in with Carson and Sam Adams.

Jay used to say, "alcohol makes everything feel better! It'll kill whatever's wrong with you." I don't know if that is always true, but my throat could handle a cold drink.

Unfortunately, the sore throat got worse by Thursday, and I spent the next four days drinking hot tea, watching Comcast On Demand and sleeping through coughing fits. Ugh, it was miserable. I canceled my Saturday apartment search (can't deal with little old lady, crazy landlord and the roaches, even with the great location, huge space, and cheap rent!); I'll start again this weekend. I already have a couple of promising leads with great location + sane roommates in my age range - singing cockroaches.

If only the ones in my kitchen sang. Okay, the cockroach issue really isn't all that bad. I set up motels, the the number of visible pests has dropped considerably. The one or so straglers meet their untimely end under the great majesty of my mighty papertowel and a can of scrubbing bubbles.

Although, I have started to think I am building up some horrible karma that will result in my own reincarnation into a cockroach that dies Cube-style from a bathroom cleaning product burning through my exo-skeleton. I hope I am building up some positive counter-karma with my obsessive need to "free" other bugs I find and let house spiders chill in their webs.

Anyway, by Monday I was feeling much better, even though I sounded like Froggy from the Lil' Rascals whenever I talked. Monday was pretty uneventful at work, too. My job basically consists of reading blogs, researching bloggers and telling clients how they can best reach bloggers and improve their online presences. It's pretty awesome.

Today, we got started on a new project for one of our clients, and I drafted a couple of documents in preparation for a new initiative launch. Compliments from Bossman were to be had when I sent them over, which was surprising and very, very nice. Hopefully, I can keep the good work up and score a permenant position by the end of this period. We'll see.

The year has been good so far, and I have high hopes.

* Oh, hey, I change names when I write about people. I try to be consistent, but you'll get the idea. :)

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