Thursday, January 1, 2009

01. Resolution

I resolve to write more. I miss writing, and I will make every effort to blog every day and at least once a week.

I resolve to get my finances in order. My first order of business is itemizing my budget and figuring out where my money goes each month.

I resolve to control my eating. I am an emotional eater. I am bulimic. I will not give in to temptation, but I will no longer punish my self when I do slip up.

I resolve to help others, whether it is through volunteer work or simply being a listening ear.

I resolve to forgive myself. I will allow others to get close to me again, and I will continue to grow as a person.


  1. I hope u are able to keep your resolutions. especially with bulimia. wieght, and physical percpetion is hard, annoying & draining, used to be a compulsive eater, and dealt a bit with ednos. But just one day decided it wasnt worth it & my health was more important.

    I hope u get better. even now I still think about my weight, but i tell myself jking aim for orthorexia, lol its healthier =) but instead I just pick pretty rolemodels, that are more size or bigger, and see the beauty & I redefine beauty in my head.


  2. Nice timeline of To Dos for yourself....I am in agreement with you on all of them, to do what I can to be better as well. Happy New Year! :)

  3. Bomchell: Thanks! You are so right--it really takes that moment of self recognition. I think I am at that point, so here's hoping. Happy New Year!

    Susana: Thanks! Here's to the New Year. :)