Saturday, January 24, 2009

009. Unlocked

The guy who lives in the basement picked the lock, thank goodness. Little old lady then tried to blame the guy who stayed here last night as locking the door, which was a little odd. It was ultimately my fault for shutting the door, so I am not sure if she was being a little passive aggressive, publicly blaming him when, really, if we needed to call a locksmith, I would be the one responsible for shelling out the $50.

I still cannot wait to get out of here, though. I am praying, praying that I get along with the girls I am moving in with. They seem very nice, they are my age, and the house is gorgeous. I am looking forward to it.

Actually, I need to start packing. I already packed a few items into boxes, but I need to take apart my shelves and pack up the clothes I won't be wearing for the next week or so. Maybe I'll get on that tonight.

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  1. so how's it going with the new roomates, hope yall getting along