Saturday, January 24, 2009

008. Locked

Ugh, I managed to lock myself out of the bathroom.

I cannot wait to get out of this place. It was nice for a while, but I can no longer deal with the 80 thermostat, the cockroaches that don't sing, and the house in questionable condition.

There is a latch on the inside of the bathroom door (this is the only bathroom in the main part of the house, btw) because the regular doorknob doesn't shut. Or, didn't.

So, silly me, when I shut the door behind me I didn't check the doorknob to make sure it wasn't set in the lock position and when it, in some sort of miracle, closed all the way, it got stuck.

Now, being that this house is ancient and in questionable condition, there is no little hole on the knob for just this kind of situation, nor are there screws for taking apart the doorknob completely. Nope, we are stuck.

And because this house is falling apart, the door is out of alignment it it is not an easy task to use a credit car the slip between the door and frame.

I tried picking the lock with a pair of hairpins to no avail, and meanwhile, little old lady ignored my calls to see if she had a key. She didn't btw, which I find quite silly as we should have a key to every lock in this house.

I doubt the landlord has one either, as little old lady informed me that this happened to her and the landlord had to have her husband use a ladder to climb into little old lady's room through a window.

Ughhhhhhh get me out of this house, please.

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