Saturday, January 10, 2009

005. Survive

Wow! The past two days have been absolutely insane.

Thursday morning, I woke up to find that little old ladies drunken fool of a friend had made a mess of the bathroom. Not only was the sink still clogged, he had gotten sick all over the floor and toilet. There was no way I was using the bathroom at all, so I had to brush my teeth and wash my face in the kitchen. I felt so sketchy going into work, but what can you do? Co-worker Kaitlyn said I should have taken a shower at the office (our desks are right by the shower and wellness rooms for the building)--I could even have gotten towels from the lobby. Maybe next time, or maybe not, haha.

Once I got in, Lane tells me in the panicked voice "You have to find Heidi RIGHT NOW." I think, Jesus, did I do something wrong on a report? Fortunately, Heidi was not nearly as panicked, but still stressed: Big Boss had made last minute changes to a document he needed printed and bound in 20 minutes. Not happening. Boss J had Heidi and I in the mail room trying to pull this together. Fortunately, we got about half of them done that Supervisor J could take with her to the client. Heidi and i finished up the rest about 45 minutes later and headed downstairs to catch a cab.

We grabbed the cab and were on our way to the client when we hit immense traffic. Apparently, a bridge had been shut down, and the city was a mess. About 15 minutes into the ride that should have taken five, Heidi had to hop out and run back to the office (we were only three blocks away). I made the rest of the trip on my own and eventually got to the client's building in one piece.

I felt absolutely terrible for not tipping the driver, but I was using company money and had to account for every penny with a receipt.

Anyway, I got into the clients building, got my visitor pass, and headed up to their floor. At reception, I told the administrative assistant that I was here with my company and needed to drop off a set of documents for the training session. After some complexity, he tracked down conference and pointed me in the direction of the room.

And then volunteered to show me halfway.

And then said he would just take me to the room.

As we reached the door, I tried to peek through the glass to see if I could grab either Big Boss or Supervisor J's attention. I started to say to the Administrative Assistant: "Let me try to get their attention first; I don't want to interrupt Big Boss."

I got about halfway through when the Administrative Assistant barged into the room, interrupting the training session. I thought Big Boss was going to shoot me with lasers from his eyes, but he must have saw the abject horror on my face, because he returned to the clients (who hadn't noticed me at all). I casually placed the documents on a table in the back and slinked out of the room as fast as i could. Administrative Assistant was already on his merry way back to his desk.

I got back downstairs, hailed a cab and headed back to the office. This time, the cab cost about half as much (weird), but when we stopped and I paid in exact change, the cabbie asked about his tip. I said, "I'm sorry, I can't tip you, I am using company money and I don't have any extra. But I will call you company to let them know you were great."

"What? What did I do wrong?"

"No, I will call them to compliment you. You were a great driver, but I don't have any money to tip you."

In retrospect, he was kind of an ass about it, and I don't feel bad that I forgot his name and ended up not calling his company anyway. Who EXPECTS a tip and asks for it like he is entitled? Not cool. Even when I worked in food service and didn't get a tip from a pain-in-the-ass customer, I never ASKED where it was. I just prepared their food in the back so they could wonder if I did anything to it. Hehe.

Anyway, once I got back in to the office, I was swamped with work for the rest of the day and throughout Friday. I got pulled on about four different projects, and i got the work done, but they don't pay me enough for my sheer amount of awesome.

Although Boss Boss did pull me aside to let me know that I did an amazing job this week, and they couldn't have done it without me. I know it sounds completely saccharine when I repeat it, but Boss Boss means it when he says it. He did his time as an underling, and I know he is rooting for Heidi and I to get our promotions.

Today, I cleaned and tried to track down the two rolls of toilet paper that have mysteriously disappeared (I have a feeling they are in the bin of junk underneath a pile of plastic bags). I also checked out a few apartments, and I am pretty confident about finding a place for February.

Now I am chilling, doing laundry, and watching Survivorman. For an old guy, survivorman is pretty cute.

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  1. sounds like a crazy week! but i enjoyed reading your re-telling of it :)