Wednesday, January 7, 2009

004. Orange you glad?

I have never been so disapointed to find out the little old lady was home. Boo. I like her and all, but I reaaaally want to cook something to eat in the kitchen, and then bring it up to my room and enjoy it, but I know if I do she will 1) want to talk, 2) ask if things are sorted out with my "friend's apartment" and 3) see me take food up to my room.

Little old lady won't stop me from taking food up to my room, and she really is sweet, but she has dropped heavy hints that she thinks it's weird.

Me? I think it is a unique and exciting way to avoid conversations and questions about my life.

I know that little old lady is just a little lonely some evenings, and fortunuately tonight she has a friend over (young, quirky homosexual black man), and together they are singing.

Anyway, today is kind of a dreary day, and I am starving. I might order in. I have to see how I am doing as far as my budget goes (I just spent forty dollars paying for a parking ticket, blegh!).

Oh! I have an orange I grabbed from work today. I can have that. Yum!


  1. Hi Friend,

    I am no longer w/Live Journal, so here I am! Welcome back to writing. I am back too, after being gone a long while. Oranges, and life are wonderful things, as are respect for privacy, etc. My blog here will deal with all kinds of things, from drama, comedy, to action, and adventure. Yes, categories rock.

    All the best to you....and know that no matter what, I will be the best human being I can be, flaws and all. Support on line is key now, since people in real life are truly showing me that they can't deal with me or even themselves, but as a coward myself, I join you!

    Hugs, and comment anytime! :)

  2. Lol I think I like this little old lady :D