Friday, November 9, 2007

153. I am a terrible person

I saw Catherine on the street today. She saw me, she buried her nose in a packet she was reading and pretended not to see me. It would seem she is more terrified of me than I am at her. But the kicker? She is fat. Not curvy, not healthy, she is chipmonk cheek unhealthy fat and it does not look good on her whatsoever. Don't deny it, if you saw someone who betrayed you in the worst possible way and she had gained a gross amount of weight in her face and a beer belly, you would be more than pleased. I was a little disapointed that she didn't say anything, because I was totally prepared to take the high road, respond minimally and carry on with my day. But, hey, she is *terrified* of me and fat. This pleases me, especially with recent developments. The young woman who interviewed me for her video projact called me the other day. Apparently, even though I had taken huge pains NOT to reveal his identity or anyone's for that matter, her professor needs her to get a statement from the guy. I am very uncomfortable with this. At the sametime, I want this story out there, and I don't want the girl to fail her class. I pointed her in the right direction, but I made it very very clear how scared I was of retaliation. Apparently, she just needs to make an attempt to contact him and at least get a "Could not be reached" or "refused to comment." So..yeah. I am feeling better about it now, and I know I can call 911 if he or his friends try to contact me, so that's good. But seeing Catherine and not having her explode in a fit of accusations, that is a huge relief.

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