Sunday, August 12, 2007

142. Stardust and Skirt Steak

The sister and I went to see Stardust today. Very cute movie. I am a huge Neil Gaiman fan, and I was very excited to see the film made (and the preview for Beowulf ZOMG Angelina Jolie is so hot). I love how they took the book, but then made a movie about it. Anything that would not translate well to film or that would make the movie move too slow was cute. They found other ways to portray the same ideas, which, really, is all you can ask for from two different media. The actors were well chosen, and I want to have Gaiman's babies. The end. The new Beatles inspired movie looks fantastic too. Across the Universe. And His Dark Materials makes my inner 12 y old go squee. August Rush looks super sweet. And Keri Russel is in it. We got home and I made skirt steak on the grill. I may have lose a few pieces of squash inside the grill, buuut I won't be cleaning them until tomorrow when the coals are cool. I already burned my hand once today, thank you. I used this marinade from Alton Brown, only I replaced one of the spices with curry, and it was amazing. Oh! I totally went shopping in the Whole Foods where Alton shops. Hee. I send Katy photos from my phone, and all was good. ETA: I quit my job a few weeks ago. I just forgot to write about it. I am a nanny no more.

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