Friday, June 29, 2007

137. Toby

The sistergirl, brother and I went out to see Ratatouille, and we came back with a dog. The poor thing was walking in the street when I almost hit it. I stopped just in time and it went offthe road. About half a mile later me and sister look at each other and decide to turn around. As soon as we stopped the car and turned on the hazard lights, the dog came running up to us. We checked the tags and called animal control only to get voicemail, which I left. Then we had brother climb into the front while I searched for a blanket. The dog, who was named Toby, was so well behaved, sister coaxed him onto the blanket in the back seat and climbed in next to him. He was emacaited, and it looked like he had mange. When we got back to the house, I sent brother in to warn the parents, and my dad came out. We got Toby to eat some wet food and drink water while I dialed every animal control and rescue number I could find. We called the owners, and they didn't even know Toby was missing, so we told them animal control already picked him up. Then we dialed the abuse lines before calling 911 who was able to get us in touch with the right people. Animal control was not pleased about the call. They asked if it could wait until morning. I explained that we had small kids in the house, no enclosed fence and another dog. We wanted to make sure that Toby got help as soon as possible. About an hour later Animal control pulls up and the officer starts talking about how she wants to be in bed. "I hear ya, sister," I say, less than amused. My dad comes out and takes over--he was not amused by her attitude. She tries to tell me that the dog was old and on medication. ... That dog had mange, bugs and was completely emaciated. Dad tells the woman, "Better safe than sorry, right?" and that shuts her up for a bit before she goes on about having just seen this dog today because she was checking up on him. Another person had called in because the dog looked too thin, she says, as though that makes us any more confident in the dogs situation. She explains, "it;s because of the medicine. He is 11 years old." No dog should look like that. If that dog's ownners are 80 years old, maybe they need to be relieved of their pet responsibilities--and they have another dog, too. I know animal control is worked to the bone, and too many dogs are put down every year, but this poor animal was suffering. He was starving. She then also started to say, "why did you stop to pick up a stray?" "Um. I didn't. We all saw the dog had tags." "Why didn't you call the owners?" "We did. They didn't know he was missing." "Didn't they offer to pick him up?" "We already had called you guys. And, Jesus Christ, look at him!" Ugh. humans are disgusting. When I have my own place, I am adopting a shelter dog. Maybe two.

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