Wednesday, June 27, 2007

134. Nanny Diaries

I nannied today. The boys were so full of engery, it was insane. We were Pirate-Bear-Ninjas or something, but I was also the zookeeper. Lol. Actually getting to work was insane itself. The cleaners were supposed to come today, and when they didn't come in the morning, I assumed they wouldn't come at all. Wel! As I was grabbing my stuff to go to work, Julio pops his head in and says, "Helllooo?" The dog goes batshit and runs around the house barking ehr head off. I drop my stuff and have to corral her--and she is 85 pounds of puppy energy. Finally, I get her slight;y less crazy and Julio and his team come in when the sistergirl finally decides to come downstairs because she was napping upstairs. Grumpily, she helps me get the dog in the basement where she and the bro are going anyway because she hides when the cleaners come. I think I am free to go to ork when *dingdong* the grandparents arrive, and I have to corral them into the basement too. finally, I steal away to finish getting my stuff together, call Jenny and tell her I am running late and get in the car. Wow. I got home 45 minutes ago and I can't wait to go to sleep.

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