Saturday, June 16, 2007

127. Wee Sing

I have never seen a child so filled with poo. Anxious because he's been without mom for the past few days, little child #1 has not defecated for the entire time his grandmother has been her. Finally, Leighann arrives to the rescue and he decides it's okay to poo now. Only, we've been having pee problems the past couple weeks--Child is potty trained at 2, but still has accidents, and he doesn't like to interupt fun games to go to the bathroom until it is too late. So, most of out activities are littered with, "Let's go potty now! Do you want to go potty now?" "No..." "Let's go anyway!" "Okay." etc. Child ended up going through five, yes, five, pairs of undies today. And we sang. Oh, we sang the alphabet, because singing makes potty-time twice as much fun. Have you ever heard of the movie Wee Sing in Sillyvile? I thought not. No one has. I have this one VHS copy from when I was a kid. My dad got it bootlegged off a work friend. It is the greatest children's movie ever. It is the one movie that these two boys will sit through and watch, silent as can be. I love it. Child #2 says to me, "You have to bring it every time you babysit because it is my favorite." Then teenager #3 does the most adorable thing ever: He cooks dinner for his girlfriend. He set a table outside and lit candles. It was so sweet. Kudos on this kid.

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