Thursday, June 14, 2007

125. Funny

I had the day off today so I just hung out at the house and prepared dinner (stir-fry, yum!). I am back to work tomorrow taking care of the boys. It's a little weird, their grandma is here for the weeked to watch them, but the parents still want me to keep to the normal schedule. I met grandma on Wednesday, and she seemed to like me, but as the mom explained how I would still be coming over, her eyebrows went up--seems she wasn't aware. Lol. The mom told her that she could send me home if she didn't need me, so that's fine. I am wtching a shorts show on MTV. I think it's called Short Circuitz. It's funny. :) ETA: I could really go for some Arby's now. WIll have to pick some up for lunch tomorrow. Yummm.

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