Tuesday, June 12, 2007

123. Calm

Had a nice day today. Daddy left some money for me to take the sistergirl and brother to this miniature golf place near us. I read on the website that the bro could get some tokens for his report card, so we hunted that down and off we went. They ended up giving the kid 40 tokensfor his A's--it was pretty sweet. He had fun, and we spent a good part of the day between the golf courses and the arcade. me and my sister, we're such dorks at miniature gold, haha. Came home and relaxed for a couple hours bfore heading out to dance class. I am taking a dance class over the summer at my studio on the condition I take a self defense class, too. Fun. Colbert is on with Tommy Chong. Oh, hilarity. I love it. LSAT went well yesterday, btw. Here's hoping for a 180!

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