Friday, June 29, 2007

137. Toby

The sistergirl, brother and I went out to see Ratatouille, and we came back with a dog. The poor thing was walking in the street when I almost hit it. I stopped just in time and it went offthe road. About half a mile later me and sister look at each other and decide to turn around. As soon as we stopped the car and turned on the hazard lights, the dog came running up to us. We checked the tags and called animal control only to get voicemail, which I left. Then we had brother climb into the front while I searched for a blanket. The dog, who was named Toby, was so well behaved, sister coaxed him onto the blanket in the back seat and climbed in next to him. He was emacaited, and it looked like he had mange. When we got back to the house, I sent brother in to warn the parents, and my dad came out. We got Toby to eat some wet food and drink water while I dialed every animal control and rescue number I could find. We called the owners, and they didn't even know Toby was missing, so we told them animal control already picked him up. Then we dialed the abuse lines before calling 911 who was able to get us in touch with the right people. Animal control was not pleased about the call. They asked if it could wait until morning. I explained that we had small kids in the house, no enclosed fence and another dog. We wanted to make sure that Toby got help as soon as possible. About an hour later Animal control pulls up and the officer starts talking about how she wants to be in bed. "I hear ya, sister," I say, less than amused. My dad comes out and takes over--he was not amused by her attitude. She tries to tell me that the dog was old and on medication. ... That dog had mange, bugs and was completely emaciated. Dad tells the woman, "Better safe than sorry, right?" and that shuts her up for a bit before she goes on about having just seen this dog today because she was checking up on him. Another person had called in because the dog looked too thin, she says, as though that makes us any more confident in the dogs situation. She explains, "it;s because of the medicine. He is 11 years old." No dog should look like that. If that dog's ownners are 80 years old, maybe they need to be relieved of their pet responsibilities--and they have another dog, too. I know animal control is worked to the bone, and too many dogs are put down every year, but this poor animal was suffering. He was starving. She then also started to say, "why did you stop to pick up a stray?" "Um. I didn't. We all saw the dog had tags." "Why didn't you call the owners?" "We did. They didn't know he was missing." "Didn't they offer to pick him up?" "We already had called you guys. And, Jesus Christ, look at him!" Ugh. humans are disgusting. When I have my own place, I am adopting a shelter dog. Maybe two.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

136. On Victim Blaming

It enrages me that people can tell a young women that she HAS to go forward to the police after an assault, and then when I step up and say,"No. She doesn't. It is scary, and she needs to make the right choice for her. When someone tells a survivor that she or he should go to the police, it is victim blaming, not matter how good the intentions," those same people turn on me and tell me I have no idea what I am talking about, that this girl HAS to at least think of future victims, that she HAS to do something to get this guy in jail. NO NO NO NO NO! THe only thing she has to do is take care of herself, you assholes.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

135. Assholes

When I am a bigshot corporate lawyer, I will set aside time and money to do pro bono cases against these assholes who think that rape, assault and molestation are perfectly acceptable behaviour. One of my longtime friends was sexually assaulted on her way to class outside a fucking police school!

134. Nanny Diaries

I nannied today. The boys were so full of engery, it was insane. We were Pirate-Bear-Ninjas or something, but I was also the zookeeper. Lol. Actually getting to work was insane itself. The cleaners were supposed to come today, and when they didn't come in the morning, I assumed they wouldn't come at all. Wel! As I was grabbing my stuff to go to work, Julio pops his head in and says, "Helllooo?" The dog goes batshit and runs around the house barking ehr head off. I drop my stuff and have to corral her--and she is 85 pounds of puppy energy. Finally, I get her slight;y less crazy and Julio and his team come in when the sistergirl finally decides to come downstairs because she was napping upstairs. Grumpily, she helps me get the dog in the basement where she and the bro are going anyway because she hides when the cleaners come. I think I am free to go to ork when *dingdong* the grandparents arrive, and I have to corral them into the basement too. finally, I steal away to finish getting my stuff together, call Jenny and tell her I am running late and get in the car. Wow. I got home 45 minutes ago and I can't wait to go to sleep.

Monday, June 25, 2007

133. Outrage

This is outrageous and disgusting: What moral dilemma? It wouldn't matter if the girl flashed those men and said, "want to try this?" She was TEN! Ugh. I cannot believe that judge. More: Discussion at

132. Sick?

I was so sick yesterday. It was so weird. At around 3 I just went to bed--didn't wake up until 9, watched tv and went back to bed at around midnight. Rawr, i think it's a bug that is just going around the house, because today my mom and brother were sick too. Cleaned my room today. I have been sleeping in the basement because it's colder and darker, but I still shower upstairs, and somehow I had managed to cover the floor upstairs in a layer of clothing. It was really funny if it weren't such a huge mess. I need to get going on my paper. I feel so blegh about it. No work until Wednesday--w00t.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

131. Relaxing

Went to the library today and got the brother a library card. Convinced him that the summer reading program is a great idea--He needs to read anyway, and now he'll get prizes for it. Tried to study, got one chapter in. I made baked ziti for dinner tonight, and now I am just relaxing, watching some Law and Order and perusing craigslist.

Monday, June 18, 2007

130. Breakup

Anna's boyfriend dumped her after two years. It's insane. They really seemed like a good match--like they would the ones for each other. I'm friends with both sides, and I really hope they can remain friends, but whatever is best for Anna. She's working an insane schedule right now (TWO neaqrly full-time jobs? What was she thinking...) We'll see how it goes when I get back to school

Sunday, June 17, 2007

129. On craigslist

I am reading through the posts on craigslist. I love this site. I can't say I've never made my own post just to get responses and show them off to my girlfriends, but... Haha, I love this site. There are so many sugardaddy posts. Katy and I were talking about how we want sugardaddies to buy us stuff and takes us on cruises and vacations around the world. The missed connections posts always make me a little sad, though. Chances are, that person will never see the post, and it's a little sad that we will never know what happened to any of these people. But then...there are the sugar daddy posts. Oh, CL.

128. Le jouer des peres

I bet my french is way off. Today was nice. I forgot I had said I would make breakfast, so when Mom came downstairs and asked when I was planning on waking up because she was hungry, I was very confused (and in the middle of another weird dream). Woke up and made french toast, which was very tasty. The puppy caused her normal chaos and all was good. The brother was playing the sims, so I went downstairs and made all the characters into our family, which was funny. He played that for a while before we went to our grandparent's house for dinner. Overall, it was a really good day.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

127. Wee Sing

I have never seen a child so filled with poo. Anxious because he's been without mom for the past few days, little child #1 has not defecated for the entire time his grandmother has been her. Finally, Leighann arrives to the rescue and he decides it's okay to poo now. Only, we've been having pee problems the past couple weeks--Child is potty trained at 2, but still has accidents, and he doesn't like to interupt fun games to go to the bathroom until it is too late. So, most of out activities are littered with, "Let's go potty now! Do you want to go potty now?" "No..." "Let's go anyway!" "Okay." etc. Child ended up going through five, yes, five, pairs of undies today. And we sang. Oh, we sang the alphabet, because singing makes potty-time twice as much fun. Have you ever heard of the movie Wee Sing in Sillyvile? I thought not. No one has. I have this one VHS copy from when I was a kid. My dad got it bootlegged off a work friend. It is the greatest children's movie ever. It is the one movie that these two boys will sit through and watch, silent as can be. I love it. Child #2 says to me, "You have to bring it every time you babysit because it is my favorite." Then teenager #3 does the most adorable thing ever: He cooks dinner for his girlfriend. He set a table outside and lit candles. It was so sweet. Kudos on this kid.

Friday, June 15, 2007

126. Weird Dream

I had the strangest dream last night. I was at school, only it was the school where I took the LSAT. I was all ready for a couple of classes, including spanish, when I found out they were way too hard. The spanish teacher wanted us to write paragraphs in spanish, and I tried to answer, but I still got a C, destroying myGPA and scholarship. That was fun to wake-up to. I helped my brother tie-dye a few t-shirts this morning before going off to nanny. Tomorrow morning I have karate. Exciting.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

125. Funny

I had the day off today so I just hung out at the house and prepared dinner (stir-fry, yum!). I am back to work tomorrow taking care of the boys. It's a little weird, their grandma is here for the weeked to watch them, but the parents still want me to keep to the normal schedule. I met grandma on Wednesday, and she seemed to like me, but as the mom explained how I would still be coming over, her eyebrows went up--seems she wasn't aware. Lol. The mom told her that she could send me home if she didn't need me, so that's fine. I am wtching a shorts show on MTV. I think it's called Short Circuitz. It's funny. :) ETA: I could really go for some Arby's now. WIll have to pick some up for lunch tomorrow. Yummm.

124. Phonecall

It's always fun to receive a phone call from a cheerful young woman from the hospital informing me I owe $100 for the emergency room visit when I was previously informed that I was not responsible for any costs because in the cases of rape, the state pays the difference. I just really, really didn't want to get that phone call.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

123. Calm

Had a nice day today. Daddy left some money for me to take the sistergirl and brother to this miniature golf place near us. I read on the website that the bro could get some tokens for his report card, so we hunted that down and off we went. They ended up giving the kid 40 tokensfor his A's--it was pretty sweet. He had fun, and we spent a good part of the day between the golf courses and the arcade. me and my sister, we're such dorks at miniature gold, haha. Came home and relaxed for a couple hours bfore heading out to dance class. I am taking a dance class over the summer at my studio on the condition I take a self defense class, too. Fun. Colbert is on with Tommy Chong. Oh, hilarity. I love it. LSAT went well yesterday, btw. Here's hoping for a 180!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

122. Whirlwind

The last few months have been a complete whirlwind. I'm getting better, slowly, but I till have a lot to work through--most of which being with feeling betrayed by a couple of friends. On the other hand, I've found out that I am some pretty amazing friends who I previously took for granted. I am going to start writing again, but entries may be irregular for a little while. I'll be taking the LSAT Monday. Go me. I am so insanely stressed over it, haha.