Friday, March 30, 2007

118. More Power

Haha, I love this:
Hi Leighann,

Have you started to e-mail groups about attending this event? I'd
really like you for you to take charge of this project. You don't have
to go door-to-door to speak to people anymore, since it seems that I'm
able to convince more people to sign up (no offense or anything), so
I'd appreciate it if you can step up and get the student groups to
agree to come, and we REALLY need to start planning soon so we have at
least one week to advertise to the general public.


I'm not going to argue. The event is my baby anyway. And if she thinks this switch is her own idea, all the power to her Before I received that, I sat in the student office for an hour making sure I got everything set. Booyah. Now I am gonna go shave my legs and get ready for the party tonight.

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