Friday, March 23, 2007

115. Oil Spills

Wasted away my whole morning watching Judging Amy before I had to go to this venture capitalist panel, which was actually kinda neat. Got hit on by an Indian boy, sophmore in the management school. Haha, I was teasing Katy before I left, "Do I look hot? Will the management kids want a piece of this?" I went to Shaws afterward and gotdinner and eggs and ice cream. Yum. I felt delightfully shallow when I was waiting on line because I got hit on again in line, and then a boy on the bus home checked me out. Katy's friend came from home to visit, so the two of them went out to the clubs. Before they left, we drank oil spills (goldschlager and jager, yum!) Party next week. I'm excited. I want to get trashed and dance with a pretty boy. Yay!

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