Monday, March 19, 2007

111. Psychodrama

Ugh. When did I think that working with Lauren-the-Psycho on a project would be a good idea? She is a backstabbing know-it-all twit. We are not in competition, and the niceties of our work mean nothing in comparison of the final outcome, so why on earth does she think that one-upping me is a good idea? And knocking down my share of the work? And letting me post something she knew had a mistake in it only to publicly correct me later? I always use "we" to describe our work, even when I can take full credit. If we have the image of a *team* we look a lot better than two-people-on-the-same-project. I am smarter than her. I am far more creative. I am also more likely to share *everything* that comes to mind, good ideas and bad. Does it mean I am stupid because I know that sometimes, bad ideas can spark great ones? But...she's not a big picture kind of psycho. She's a "We have to catch the train right now or I will glare at you because you didn't run, raise your heartrate and trip" kind of twit. She actually says to me, "Hold the door open [on the train] if you get there first." Like I would let it shut on her face and leave without it? Well...her mind came up with the idea. I certainly think that says a lot about her. She's a nice girl, just a backstabbing twit. (And I really don't want to see that condescending face when another friend talks about how she got out of a sticky situation with a boy when drunk. Yeah, maybe you're too smart to ever get taken advantage of, but that gives you no right to look at her like that. To look at anyone like that. You're as much of a drunken slut as the rest of us, but I guess things have been a lot fairer for you.)

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