Sunday, March 18, 2007

110. Yum Yum Egg Sandwich

Mmm...I had an egg sandwich on a croissant for dinner and it was delicious. Work today was fairly uneventful. I stocked and hid in the basement from the noisy boyscouts and thier cranky mothers. At around two I went upstairs to ring, dealth with the worst customers ever. They wanted thier discounts and they wanted them now--and we've been getting secret shoppers so I had to be ever so cheerful to everyone, including the bitch who knocked a mug off my counter and didn't bother to pick it up while I rang up her 20-plus postcards. Ugh. But work made me feel better. My coworkers are hilarious. I still hate my job, but i adore my coworkers. Almost had a breakdown this morning, just didn't want to get out of bed and face the day. I need to talk to someone about that incident in November, but I can't go to any school counselors. I don't want to go on medication--but something must be wrong if I am so exhausted with even nine hours of sleep, when I do sleep. When I don't, I just lay in bed and think. I've started clenching my jaws at night, and it hurts my teeth. My school is notoriously bad about helping students in crisis, especially female students. Their policy is to get the students off campus and away from their peers, and they encourage semester leaves. Ugh. I'm fine. I just want to talk to someone who won't sit there and tll me that, inevitably, it was my fault. And just about everyone in my life right now will do that. Two of my girlfriends who won't have issues of thier own, and they don't need mine on top of theirs. And that is an absolutely illogical train of thought. I guess it boils down to that I'm not ready to talk to the people I know just yet. But I got a postcard in the mail today. Yay. :)

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