Saturday, March 17, 2007

108. Top o' the mornin'

I am a friendslist whore. I was productive yesterday. Applied for about 8 scholarships, started the process on one big one, and worked on a project for class. Will continue working on the project today...when I'm done adding people to my f-list. I can't procrastinate like this, haha. I spoke to Dave last night--one of my "best friends" from middle school. It was nice. I'm glad he still talks to me. The other one won't. Stopped after telling me how he was in a bad car accident and couldn't remember who he was let alone who people he knew ten years ago were. That hurt...a lot. (He wasn't lying--accident was real, and I feel guilty for being a bit selfish.) Katy's not home yet, so I have no one to drink with and be Irish! I hope she gets home before dark--I want to find a party! Happy St. Pat's! (And, yes, I am Irish!)

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