Thursday, March 8, 2007

106. If you wanna be my lova!

Hee! katy and I went to kareoke withnher new boy-thing. it was so much fun. So trashed. Paid for one beer (and tip!) got like 6 or 7. I ,ost count. Sang three times.Dont remeber what I sang. Summer loving, Love Shack, Wannabe, I think---all with the couplethat sat next to us. Ammmmazing. Katy sang too, even though shy. Sam Afams whitelager sooo good. Yum. p/s. My face is numb, lol ooh! double ps: Got hit on my reaaaal;ly cute asian boy. The he got bored because katy and me were like five drinks in, way too trahed to be classy girls. Haha. Glad no boys tonight, just singing and drinking. Katy's boy is stayihng over. He EMCed kareoke, and drove uas to and from bar. Good driver, nice boy. Mkaes me think of Lance bass but straight. Hope Katy sticks with him and he is good to her. Hope I find nice boy. :)

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