Sunday, February 25, 2007

101. Less Cluttered

I had my wisdom teeth taken out this weekend. Ugggghhh, they hurt. Friday I was a rabid chipmunk--all I could do was drool and gurgle. Yesterday I had a fever of 101.7, that was fun. I've been taking Vicoden and Ibuprofin. My teeth don't hurt all that much anymore, but I really can't eat anything, which is throwing off my diet. Oh, yes, Leigh is still dieting. I do have some will power. I'm happy with my appearance, I'm just not happy that my size seven jeans are a little tight, and two years ago I was a size five. So, I just want to get down to a healthy weight. I like having a little chubs, but I also like my jeans to fit. My mum wants me to be 105. Hah. I want to be 118. That is my goal weight. Twelve pounds to go, but you know, if it takes me the whole semester, that will be okay. Missed my school's production of Vagina Monologues. That's disapointing, but you cna't really argue with a high fever. I'll make sure to go next year. My room is clean, which is nice. Makes me feel less cluttered, a lot calmer. Now I need to get to work on my papers.

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