Saturday, January 20, 2007

098. Aint nuttin' but a

The party last night was fantastic. We had good music, a great game of beer pong, Kings and Never Have I Ever. It was a good crowd, and I think we made a small profit. I was completely trashed, and I woke up this morning with a "tattoo" on my back. Danny signed me with blue magic marker. Henry sent me a message sometime last night, but I didn't get it until this morning. "After-party at your place?" What a horndog. We had a lot of fun. I danced with and got-molested-by a gay man. I learned really neat—and a little weird—things about my friends. I can't remember most of it, though. And I didn't smoke a cigarette. Three months now, I haven't touched them. Go me. I woke up around ten, not hungover, which is good. I need to do actual work today. Tomorrow I am back in the wonderful world of retail.

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