Friday, January 19, 2007

097. Yoga Bear

I've started taking yoga classes through the university. The first class was this morning, and I really enjoyed it. The professor explained about stress and how to overcome it—it was neat. Then we actually started breathing techniques and positions. I feel very relaxed. I haven't heard from Henry at all. I'm concerned. I dont know what we have, and I have been telling myself not to get emotionally invested. I'm not, I know he thinks I'm attractive, and that makes me happy. But I am tired of waiting around. I know he is busy with work, but I wish i knew what was going on. If he doesn't want a relationship, okay, then I'll stop waiting. I'm not a particularly honest person, but I'm loyal. As long as I am still tied to him, I won't screw around with another person. And, no, I am not contradicting myself. I told my summer fling that we weren't serious. He wanted more and his ex meddled. I am tired of waiting. Classes began this week. I more or less like my professors. Tonight is our kick-off party. There will be Jello Shots and booze. It's going to be a good year. I have a phone interview with a software company today. Wish me luck!

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