Monday, December 18, 2006

093. Study Date and Morning Sex

I'm talking to this kid I knew in high school because I know I'll be back in Georgia for a week or so and I want to get together. All of a sudden, he starts apologizing for standing me up for a study date. I don't even remember this, but he's telling me how terrible he feels and how sorry he is about it. I tell him, I don't remember, but he's forgiven. Wow, he says, you must have blocked out all the bad parts. ?! Then he wants to go out to a show and dinner while I'm home. And as long as I show up, he doesn't care what we do. Then he brings up his new girlfriend (Who is gorgeous! How did he land that one?). I'd love to just grab drinks with the kid and leave it at that, but the kid doesn't drink much and has the tolerence of a freshman girl. But he is the sort of kid that you'd think would be an alcoholic by this point. It's weird. He weirds me out. In other news, I went on a date with Hot Henry. We walked around the city and grabbed dessert from a local bakery. Then we went back to his place and there was much sexings. He leant me one of his T-shirts to wear to bed and I fell asleep in his arms. It was neat. I'd never "slept" with anyone before, besides family. Then there was morning sex, and that was neat too. We had breakfast, and he drove me to work. I like him. :)

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