Saturday, December 2, 2006

089. I kept my pants on

Henry was supposed to be a harmless fling, but now I'm not so sure. I was jealous—but I get jealous easy—when he was dancing with another girl. I played the game right back and danced with Aaron (who gave me a lap dance, haha!). Then Callie and Ryan (who Catherine had match-made that evening to quite a success) made a bet that we couldn't last half-an-hour without kissing. So, I don't kiss him. I grind and dance, but I don't kiss him. Callie won that bet. :) Later, we went upstairs and kissed. Really kissed. It was nice. Really nice. He tells me I'm beautiful, I have gorgeous eyes. We stopped kissing and talked for something like forty minutes. We went out on the roof. It was cold and he put his arm around me. We were sober by then. Mostly. At least, I wasn't a drunken harlot. Earlier, I told him no, and he listened. He told Catherine that he wants to visit me at work. We'll see. He's very handsome.

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