Wednesday, November 29, 2006

086. Luau

I never wrote about November 18. We went to a Hawaiian party. It was mostly boring, so Catherine, Katie and I left before midnight. We could have taken public transportation, but ultimately decided to walk instead. And that's when our night really began. We met a girl on the street and walked her home. She was a sweet, little lesbian freshman, and in retrospect I feel a little dirty for making out with her. What should have taken half an hour took two and a half, and we can't remember most of it, but the photoes sure fill in the details. At the mostly boring party, we had drank whatever was put in front of us. Jello shots, flavored alcohol, beer and strange fruity concoctions. It was only our friends, so why not? We clammored down the stairs, through the lobby and onto the street. Somehow, we crossed a major road and climbed through the construction site separating us from the sidewalk, which we decided we had to get to. I still have a nasty, yellow bruise on my hip from crashing into something. A concrete divider, maybe. I don't know how we survived the overpass, but we eventually made it safely home and hell, half dressed and with flowers in our hair, into our beds. Catherine and I are on good terms. There are only a few weeks left, and I want to cherish them. Thanksgiving was fun. I liked seeing my family. Can't wait for Winter break. We're going to drink again friday. I will keep my pants on. But I will also get completely plastered.

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