Wednesday, November 8, 2006

080. Fucked over

Weee! Getting fucked over by roommates is fun! After a month (A month!) of trying to decide, wishy-washy Catherine has decided to go abroad next semester leaving me without a roommate and the house without two shares of the rent. Okay. Fine. Jay does the nice thing and offers me his room and he'll even pay the difference between our rent. What's wrong with that, you say? 1. $100/month is a lot to pay for someone else. 2. His room smells bad. It's dirty and disgusting. 3. I don't want to owe him or anyone else that favor. I will not be in debt. So, my other option? Room with a stranger. Yay. Maybe we can move around the furniture so that I get one of the rooms and the stranger another, but still, it's a fine mess. I will have to approve of anyone who comes to the house, and I'm worried that won't happen. We have a lovely habit of making decisions with one or two people rather than the entire household. Catherine didn't originally want to go abroad next semester. Someone changed her mind. Gee. I'm pissed. But, hey, I can't complain. Jay did make the noble gesture, and this is a one time opportunity for Catherine. Oh, wait...she was going to go abroad fall semester, too. And our Spring Break plans are fucked up too. Hurrah!

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