Monday, November 6, 2006

079. A Cocaine Minivan

Catherine and I spent our entire afternoon in East Boston. It was the most terrifying, incredible adventure we've had yet. I asked her if she'd come with me to get a DVD player off craigslist, so at 2 o' clock, off we went to East Boston. We took the Green Line, transferred to the Blue Line, and got off at Maverick, as hopstop instructed. We were fine until then. I pulled out the directions I wrote down from hopstop and we began walking…and walking…and walking. "It's the next block, I promise. Look! A church. We're in a safe neighborhood." "Look! An empty lot and two juvenile delinquents. We are going to DIE, Leighann." "Of course not. What does that sign say?" It was not the next block. In fact, the next block was a dead end at the waterfront. Catherine was beginning to get cranky. "Look! A police car!" "Yeah, they can come rescue us when we are GANG RAPED." Catherine carries on like this, pointing out broken bottles and Honda civics to my "Look! A mom with a stroller. This is clearly a family neighborhood" and "Oh! A minivan! Minivans mean safety." "Unless it's a COCAINE minivan." We caught up to the police officers and I asked them for directions, and it turned out we missed our street. I had reversed the directions some how and thought it was six blocks when it was actually only one. So….off we went back to the street we needed. We get there, after passing a boarded up fire department, a funeral home, several churches, playgrounds and at least three empty lots. The apartment is decent looking, and the guy lets us upstairs. Well, this guy is about 35 years old, not bad looking, but not terribly handsome. His wife, on the other hand, is GORGEOUS, silent and about 18 years old. We made the deal, I got my DVD player, and the guy gave us directions to the T that was about three blocks away as opposed to ten. Catherine gives me a look, and we set off. I carry the player, it was light, and we hopped on the T home. I wonder if she was a mail-order bride? Anyway, we got home safely with our almost new, wonderful, working DVD player, and it was good.

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