Friday, October 27, 2006

076. Happy Halloween

Weeeeeeeee! I'm drunk and dressed like a construction worker from the village people. Yay! Good halloween, even though Callie got arrested...because she was being beligerent to the police offercers (4 of them) and not because she was impersonating a cop. After she got taken away (me and Susan hid and Jay watched like a sad puppy) I approached the police offercer and asked what happened and if she got arrested for impersonating a cop. Nope. She was just giving the cops A hard time and wouldn't put down her booze. So, it's $40 to bail her out. Susan and Jay went to got eat, and then bail her out (feel the love) and I went home to like Catherine in because she and two of our firnends were life outside the house with no way in. good times.

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