Wednesday, October 25, 2006

074. Clean

I hate him. I hate him. And I want you all the understand the magnitude of that statement. I spent four hours cleaning and doing laundry today, and I am not done yet. I am mentally and physically exhausted. And I need to study for my midterm tomorrow. I spoke to the city today about our violation to see what that is about. Tuns out it is our landlords responsibility. But while I was chatting with the officer, he told me how our property is a mess. I know it is a mess, but to hear it from someone else? Why can't people just pick up after themselves? Why do they have to fucking freeride? I just want a clean house. Not spotless, but clean. I don't even mind clutter. But I don't have the time to clean it. I didn't have the time today but I did it anyway because I just can't take it. Two weeks, it was a mess. And tonight, it will be a mess again. I shouldn't have to clean the common areas. Everyone should pitch in. But no one does. Especially not Jay. He's a self-absorbed, selfish, irresponsible prick who won't clean up after himself let alone pitch in because, hell, it doesn't bother him. Who lives like that? We are in a situation where there are six people living in the house. You have to pitch in. Especially when you only have three classes and no job because 20-hours a week of office work was too much, but I could work 30 hours and five classes? He has the most freetime and the least responsibility. And I'm the only one who will stand up to him. But he doesn't respect me. So it doesn't even matter. I hate him.

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