Tuesday, October 24, 2006

071. MIT Party, continued

This was the most fantastically horrible party we went to. Oh, man. It was back in September, and the lot of us went expecting smart, hot undergrads. What we got were smart, ugly MIT alums who still work at MIT and have no job prospects. Ewwww. And most of them were married and in thier thirties. It was so weird. What was worse, though, was that they all lied about thier marital status when we first talked to them. WTF? Catherine was talking to this guy who was really into her, they were flirting, but as soon as his wife walked into the room, ZAM! His arm flew away from her shoulder, his other hand came out of his pocket and, BAM! there was a wedding ring on it. What skeezeballs. I met a hot, gay Italian man named Marco, though. And I put his number in my cell phone twice. Haha. This is where I first met Al. Ugh. He wasn't even very attractive. I don't even like thinking about him anymore. Bastard. Talked to my mom about it over the phone. I still can't believe he called me a slut. Men are assholes.

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