Tuesday, October 24, 2006

070. Domino's Pizza

reminded me of a story from a while ago. Lauren invited us to an MIT party across the river. We needed to take the bus there, so the lot of us went to the stop and waited. We were very very drunk after an hour and a half of pregaming. We waited. And waited. "I really have to pee. Like, really badly." "Go use the alley." "No, I'm a girl!" "So? There are leaves." There's a pause. "I have to pee, too." "Where's the bus?" At this point, the boys decided they need to pee, so they go use the alley. Catherine and I still really have to pee. "Do you think we could go ask one of the stores?" "No one's open." "Domino's is open." The guys returned, but the bus still isn't here. We looked at the sign and realized it comes onlyonce an hour. "We're going to Domino's to use the restoom." "You're going to miss the bus." "I don't care." So I grab Catherine and we head up the hill to Domino's where there is one girl working the counter. "Hi. Can we use your restroom. It's a female emergency." "Both of you?" "Yeah, we live together so we're on the same schedule. We'll go in together, so we'll be fast." The girl looks at her manager, shrugs and tells him it's a female emergency, and lets us run to the back of the store to use the employee bathroom. It was awesome. Thank you, Domino's. Your pizza may taste like crap, but you win for customer service. Oh, and we did miss the bus, so we ended up taking a cab. At the party, we got free alcohol, but I don't think it was supposed to be free. Those crazy MIT kids...

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