Monday, October 16, 2006

065. Do you have a card?

Catherine got a business card from this guy who came to our party Friday. She's going to call him tonight to see what happens. the poor girl is so nervous, she asked me to pretend to be her and do it for her. hah! it's like a TV sitcom. I said no, but I'll be there for moral support...and entertainment. He's an assistant vice president to this huge firm and he's rich. That's fun. ETA: Catherine asked me again to call him for her, and I said yes this time. She shooed me into the stairwell and ran away so she wouldn't have to listen. I got his voicemail and didn't leave a message, but when I went into the other room to tell her what happened, I told her that he picked up and started asking me weird questions, like "What are you wearing right now?" The look on her face was pricesless.

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