Saturday, October 14, 2006

064. Success

The party was a huge success. It was amazing: People were lining up down the block to get in. We almost got busted by the cops three times. Thank God Jay was outside and told them, "Yeah, we're all leaving, this party is over." Somehow, a group of girls and one gay guy got into a kissing contest to see how many people we could kiss. I think I came in second with 20 people. I kissed Scott and his girlfriend and way too many people. I kissed Jay, and he said I was a bad kisser. But we also have absolutely no chemistry, and we're housemates, so….he's a dirty liar. Scott and his girlfriend said I was a good kisser. Hah. I gave Charlie his first real kiss, too. I don't think it really counts, but he's such a sweetheart--and cute, too! If he weren't so shy with women, I'd love to date him. Catherine and I took the first shift collecting money and directing people into the back yard. Some guys in a van honked at us, one guy shouted "Wow!" as he drove by, and I think we got a whistle. Eek! I made out with Al, though. That was a huge mistake. I'm not really interested in him, I just knew he'd be easy. He's such a freak, so that is never happening again. First, he shushes me as we kiss and strokes my hair. Really creepy. Really, really creepy. Then he asks, "Do you do this with all the guys?" WHAT? No, I tell him. The he says, "We're moving too fast. I don't even know you." Oh, I say. Okay. And that ended it. We were kissing. That's all I wanted to do. Ugh. And he lied to me about having a girlfriend. That boy is banned from our house. I danced with Aaron, though. Haha. Aaron tells me, "Leighann, I love dancing with you because we are not attracted to each other at all and it is completely guilt-free!" Oh, Aaron.

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