Tuesday, October 10, 2006

060. Delicious French Fries

Last night was the first night I went to bed sober in four days. It was an insane weekend, to say the least. On Friday, a huge group of our friends stopped by and we played Truth or Dare Jenga and Battle of the Sexes, both as drinking games. Sandra was drinking very quickly, and she started passing out and shivering. The poor girl had about the same amount as me, but it hit her hard and we think she was bordering on alcohol poisoning, so while everyone else went out, Derrick, Beau and I kept an eye on her and made sure another heavily intoxicated friend got home safely. Derrick was sober, and Beau was getting there, but I was very, very drunk, and I don't know how much help I was except to make sure they didn't call an ambulance (we live minutes away from the hospital, and a cab is quicker and $500 cheaper). Then Derrick started to turn to me for decision-making? It was weird, and way not cool. He's the RA trained in this shit, I just wanted to look out for my friend. Beau and I flagged down a cab and dragged our friend into it. We got to the hospital and I tried to fill out paperwork. Then Derrick finally took over and I collapsed into the waiting room and tried to think about happy things, like boys and booze. An hour later, I was throwing up in the hospital bathroom, and Beau got me a cab to go home. Saturday, we celebrated Jen's birthday at a nice restaurant. It was loads of fun. That evening we went to a "CEOs and Office Hoes" party. I danced with so many boys, and at one point I think I was a Leighann sandwich between two hot Asian boys. Sunday night we went out again to go clubbing, but that was a disaster. The cover charge was way too much, so we went to Mickey D's and ordered off the dollar menu (while drunk, mind you). I bet it was quite the scene, but man, were those french fries delicious. We went to some kid's birthday party, but that turned out to be a bust. So we went home, and I hurt my ankle. I broke out the prescription strength aspirin, which in retrospect was a horrible idea. In non alcohol related news, I have a crush on my housemate, which is another HORRIBLE idea.

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