Tuesday, October 31, 2006

077. Halloween

Everything ended up okay for Callie. The city had no evidence, so all she got was $100 court fee and no black mark on her name. Happy Halloween, all. I'm going to bed. My uterus feels like it's trying to claw its way out my vagina so it can crawl into a corner and die.

Friday, October 27, 2006

076. Happy Halloween

Weeeeeeeee! I'm drunk and dressed like a construction worker from the village people. Yay! Good halloween, even though Callie got arrested...because she was being beligerent to the police offercers (4 of them) and not because she was impersonating a cop. After she got taken away (me and Susan hid and Jay watched like a sad puppy) I approached the police offercer and asked what happened and if she got arrested for impersonating a cop. Nope. She was just giving the cops A hard time and wouldn't put down her booze. So, it's $40 to bail her out. Susan and Jay went to got eat, and then bail her out (feel the love) and I went home to like Catherine in because she and two of our firnends were life outside the house with no way in. good times.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

075. Ugly Girl

I feel ugly.

074. Clean

I hate him. I hate him. And I want you all the understand the magnitude of that statement. I spent four hours cleaning and doing laundry today, and I am not done yet. I am mentally and physically exhausted. And I need to study for my midterm tomorrow. I spoke to the city today about our violation to see what that is about. Tuns out it is our landlords responsibility. But while I was chatting with the officer, he told me how our property is a mess. I know it is a mess, but to hear it from someone else? Why can't people just pick up after themselves? Why do they have to fucking freeride? I just want a clean house. Not spotless, but clean. I don't even mind clutter. But I don't have the time to clean it. I didn't have the time today but I did it anyway because I just can't take it. Two weeks, it was a mess. And tonight, it will be a mess again. I shouldn't have to clean the common areas. Everyone should pitch in. But no one does. Especially not Jay. He's a self-absorbed, selfish, irresponsible prick who won't clean up after himself let alone pitch in because, hell, it doesn't bother him. Who lives like that? We are in a situation where there are six people living in the house. You have to pitch in. Especially when you only have three classes and no job because 20-hours a week of office work was too much, but I could work 30 hours and five classes? He has the most freetime and the least responsibility. And I'm the only one who will stand up to him. But he doesn't respect me. So it doesn't even matter. I hate him.

073. Clean House

Today is a cleaning and studying day.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

072. Sexy Haiku's

My Canadian friend IMed me: write me a sexy haiku. You mean about tree sex? I asked. tiny mirrors drop the sky lights up, shivering it was never love It's the first thing I've written in months, Meghan. And that makes me a little sad. Three posts in a day. Clearly, I am procrastinating.

071. MIT Party, continued

This was the most fantastically horrible party we went to. Oh, man. It was back in September, and the lot of us went expecting smart, hot undergrads. What we got were smart, ugly MIT alums who still work at MIT and have no job prospects. Ewwww. And most of them were married and in thier thirties. It was so weird. What was worse, though, was that they all lied about thier marital status when we first talked to them. WTF? Catherine was talking to this guy who was really into her, they were flirting, but as soon as his wife walked into the room, ZAM! His arm flew away from her shoulder, his other hand came out of his pocket and, BAM! there was a wedding ring on it. What skeezeballs. I met a hot, gay Italian man named Marco, though. And I put his number in my cell phone twice. Haha. This is where I first met Al. Ugh. He wasn't even very attractive. I don't even like thinking about him anymore. Bastard. Talked to my mom about it over the phone. I still can't believe he called me a slut. Men are assholes.

070. Domino's Pizza

reminded me of a story from a while ago. Lauren invited us to an MIT party across the river. We needed to take the bus there, so the lot of us went to the stop and waited. We were very very drunk after an hour and a half of pregaming. We waited. And waited. "I really have to pee. Like, really badly." "Go use the alley." "No, I'm a girl!" "So? There are leaves." There's a pause. "I have to pee, too." "Where's the bus?" At this point, the boys decided they need to pee, so they go use the alley. Catherine and I still really have to pee. "Do you think we could go ask one of the stores?" "No one's open." "Domino's is open." The guys returned, but the bus still isn't here. We looked at the sign and realized it comes onlyonce an hour. "We're going to Domino's to use the restoom." "You're going to miss the bus." "I don't care." So I grab Catherine and we head up the hill to Domino's where there is one girl working the counter. "Hi. Can we use your restroom. It's a female emergency." "Both of you?" "Yeah, we live together so we're on the same schedule. We'll go in together, so we'll be fast." The girl looks at her manager, shrugs and tells him it's a female emergency, and lets us run to the back of the store to use the employee bathroom. It was awesome. Thank you, Domino's. Your pizza may taste like crap, but you win for customer service. Oh, and we did miss the bus, so we ended up taking a cab. At the party, we got free alcohol, but I don't think it was supposed to be free. Those crazy MIT kids...

Monday, October 23, 2006

069. Study!

Study, study, study. I am so behind. Waking up an an obscenely early hour tomorrow to do some reading, then off to work, then back for more reaing before class. Best halloween costume ideas ever. Maybe I'll post a picture or two or me and my girlfriends. Maybe. :)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

068. Weee!

Weeee! I'm drunk and it's fun! Catherine's computer is mooing me, and I am totally not imagining this. It was a good time tonight. :)

Friday, October 20, 2006

067. Tequila

We're getting Tequila tonight. I want to drink...I really want to drink, but I have to get up early the next day. Ugh. Yelled at Jay yesterday about the messes in the kitchen. Our house is disgusting, and I am tired of it. He said he'd try harder. We'll see. ...I want to drink tonight!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

066. Luck

I am behind on classwork. Skippedone class today to work on the readings for another. Then, this afternoon, I'll be coercing my friends into helping me with another project. Wish me luck.

Monday, October 16, 2006

065. Do you have a card?

Catherine got a business card from this guy who came to our party Friday. She's going to call him tonight to see what happens. the poor girl is so nervous, she asked me to pretend to be her and do it for her. hah! it's like a TV sitcom. I said no, but I'll be there for moral support...and entertainment. He's an assistant vice president to this huge firm and he's rich. That's fun. ETA: Catherine asked me again to call him for her, and I said yes this time. She shooed me into the stairwell and ran away so she wouldn't have to listen. I got his voicemail and didn't leave a message, but when I went into the other room to tell her what happened, I told her that he picked up and started asking me weird questions, like "What are you wearing right now?" The look on her face was pricesless.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

064. Success

The party was a huge success. It was amazing: People were lining up down the block to get in. We almost got busted by the cops three times. Thank God Jay was outside and told them, "Yeah, we're all leaving, this party is over." Somehow, a group of girls and one gay guy got into a kissing contest to see how many people we could kiss. I think I came in second with 20 people. I kissed Scott and his girlfriend and way too many people. I kissed Jay, and he said I was a bad kisser. But we also have absolutely no chemistry, and we're housemates, so….he's a dirty liar. Scott and his girlfriend said I was a good kisser. Hah. I gave Charlie his first real kiss, too. I don't think it really counts, but he's such a sweetheart--and cute, too! If he weren't so shy with women, I'd love to date him. Catherine and I took the first shift collecting money and directing people into the back yard. Some guys in a van honked at us, one guy shouted "Wow!" as he drove by, and I think we got a whistle. Eek! I made out with Al, though. That was a huge mistake. I'm not really interested in him, I just knew he'd be easy. He's such a freak, so that is never happening again. First, he shushes me as we kiss and strokes my hair. Really creepy. Really, really creepy. Then he asks, "Do you do this with all the guys?" WHAT? No, I tell him. The he says, "We're moving too fast. I don't even know you." Oh, I say. Okay. And that ended it. We were kissing. That's all I wanted to do. Ugh. And he lied to me about having a girlfriend. That boy is banned from our house. I danced with Aaron, though. Haha. Aaron tells me, "Leighann, I love dancing with you because we are not attracted to each other at all and it is completely guilt-free!" Oh, Aaron.

Friday, October 13, 2006

063. We'll go out the back and hide in the bushes

The Halloween party is tomorrow. We had a "meeting" with the boys downstairs so we could figure out when they're buying the booze, what we're having, and where we're running if the cops come. It's gonna be huge. I'm excited, though. Lots of pretty, pretty men are coming. :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

062. Settled

I spoke to Catherine this morning before I left for class and told her how I felt when she shreiked and laughed like that, and how it just isn't cool for her to share personal information when she asks private questions in public. At first she tried to tell me I was overreacting, but I stopped her there and told her that I *never* get upset over things, so when I am this upset, it must really bother me. She started to listen then, and we worked it out. It feels nice to work things out. There was yelling, but it was the good sort. And I am glad it's settled.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

061. Kiss Me

Is it really that weird that I learned to kiss by kissing an orange? Or that my girlfriends and I practiced on each other? I thought most girls did. All it takes is one chick to say "EWWW!" and all of a sudden you're a freak. It boggles me how she can ask questions about, what's this like? How does that feel? But the moment I say something that I think is kinda funny now, she is scandelized. I'm gonna have a talk with her in the morning. I tolerated her asking personal questions in front of male housemates (Did Steve make you orgasm? When was the last time you orgasmed? Um...why did you leave your KY on the bathroom counter?), but I will not tolerate her making something innocent out to be something disgusting. Cause, you know, I can name dozens of girls who practiced kissing on pillows, hands, dolls and ice pops. Why is an orange horribly disgusting? We read about it in a magazine. Just because you didn't practice on your friends doesn't make it wrong. And if you are going to sit there and tell me anything relating to my sexuality is disgusting--because that's what you're doing when you ask me these questions and cry out at me answers--then I won't play along anymore. I am not a slut. And I can't respect you if that's all you think I am.

060. Delicious French Fries

Last night was the first night I went to bed sober in four days. It was an insane weekend, to say the least. On Friday, a huge group of our friends stopped by and we played Truth or Dare Jenga and Battle of the Sexes, both as drinking games. Sandra was drinking very quickly, and she started passing out and shivering. The poor girl had about the same amount as me, but it hit her hard and we think she was bordering on alcohol poisoning, so while everyone else went out, Derrick, Beau and I kept an eye on her and made sure another heavily intoxicated friend got home safely. Derrick was sober, and Beau was getting there, but I was very, very drunk, and I don't know how much help I was except to make sure they didn't call an ambulance (we live minutes away from the hospital, and a cab is quicker and $500 cheaper). Then Derrick started to turn to me for decision-making? It was weird, and way not cool. He's the RA trained in this shit, I just wanted to look out for my friend. Beau and I flagged down a cab and dragged our friend into it. We got to the hospital and I tried to fill out paperwork. Then Derrick finally took over and I collapsed into the waiting room and tried to think about happy things, like boys and booze. An hour later, I was throwing up in the hospital bathroom, and Beau got me a cab to go home. Saturday, we celebrated Jen's birthday at a nice restaurant. It was loads of fun. That evening we went to a "CEOs and Office Hoes" party. I danced with so many boys, and at one point I think I was a Leighann sandwich between two hot Asian boys. Sunday night we went out again to go clubbing, but that was a disaster. The cover charge was way too much, so we went to Mickey D's and ordered off the dollar menu (while drunk, mind you). I bet it was quite the scene, but man, were those french fries delicious. We went to some kid's birthday party, but that turned out to be a bust. So we went home, and I hurt my ankle. I broke out the prescription strength aspirin, which in retrospect was a horrible idea. In non alcohol related news, I have a crush on my housemate, which is another HORRIBLE idea.