Saturday, September 2, 2006

058. IHOP

Catherine wanted to go to IHOP tonight, so I invited Leslie, and then Phil and Ashley joined us, and then Sandra, and it was the most amazing time any of us ever had. We took the bus there and walked over this sketchy high way to get to it. The place was near empty in the middle of this vacant parking lot, but, man, it was gooood eatin'. I even got a kid's sundae made the size of a normal sundae! I split it with Lynne. Going back, we waited an hour for the bus and started playing charades. Oh, it was so fun. Once we got back, we played Grand Theft Auto. I called Alvin to take care of rent and he stopped by (we quickly hid the booze) and I showed him the light fixtures that need to be replaced. He's such a nice guy. A little while later, we decided to go to Shaw's and I bought a pillow for $5. Hee. I'm in such a happy mood. Oh, and Lauren is being very civil. She's on my nice list right now. It's very pleasant.

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