Saturday, August 26, 2006

055. Plunk on a Drane!

I had a long airport day today, getting to Hartsfield at noon. I said goodbye to the parents, went through security...and waited, waited, waited. Our plane was delayed due to mechanical problems, and then the reps realized it was overbooked. They asked for volunteers, and I got up to put my name on the list. When I went back to my seat, some girl had stolen it and proceeded to take up both of the outlets for her phone and laptop. I scowled, and so did a few other people around her who realized the little witch stole my seat. So wandered around, sat down near the garbage pail and watched a dvd for a little while. Chatted for a second or two with some other passengers, and then I got up to find a real seat--the ground was making my bum go numb. I found the one seat anywhere and asked the lady if it was taken. YES! She shouted angrily and pointed to the purse she put on it. Oh, I said, and turned around. Jesus...she didn't have to yell at me. I found another seat and watched some news for a while when they called my name. I went up to the podium and BAM! They gave me a free round trip and an upgrade to first class if I went on the flight that was leaving in an hour. Happily, I skipped to the new terminal, found a new seat, and waited for my first class seat. Heee. They serve free cockatails, so I had wine, and it was 11% alcohol, and I drank the bottle (two glasses), and I was a weeeee bit tipsy the entire flight. What? A bit of turbulence? Thaaat's okay. What, we're going to crash in a fiery ball of death? Weeeeee! Flying intoxicated rocks.

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