Monday, August 21, 2006

049. ...and I am poor.

Unfortunately, there was no light up speculum. But the doctor was real nice. He wasn't my usual, and this is the first male doctor I've had since I was 11. He was real informative about exactly what he was doing and what each test looked for and how it would work. Fuck! I forgot to get my precription for antibiotics. I'll have to call in. After I left, I bought eggplant for cheap and made parmasagn...can't spell today. It will be tasty. :] Went out and met Kyle at the cafe near the grocery. Chatted. He's so good looking. Maybe I'm just perpetually horny at this time of the month. According to my book on hormones, day eleven is your testosterone peak, and it's day eight. Hmmm... Heika, the annoying neighbor from down the street, stopped by with her daughter for "payback" for my little brother's boy scout funraisers. I told her to come back later because no one was home...and I am poor.

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