Monday, August 21, 2006

048. And then my vagina said...

Kyle ended up staying at church for longer than he expected, and I made plans with Alex when I didn't hear from him. We stayed up talking until almost TWO IN THE FUCKING MORNING at a coffee shop. It was nice. I wish I knew him sooner, but I know him now, and that's cool. Talking. Until two in the morning. Just talking. My vagina was saying, "Hey...hey...what's this? Intellectual conversation? Fuck that. He's hot." He's a good kid. I like him. Now I have a gyno appointment and it's so early I want to go back to bed but no. And my vagina is like, "Well...will there at least be the light-up speculum? If not, I'm going home. You go without me, sweetheart." So, a question for men: Intellectual conversation that goes on until an obscenely late hour = he wants in my pants?

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