Thursday, August 17, 2006

043. It hurts

The sister left for college today. Our parents drove her into the city and got her all set up. I think she's gonna do well. Dad exploded at her though. It's heart-wrenching. The poor kid made a little mistake and, BAM! Dad went berserk. I heard the story second hand, and man…it makes me feel horrible. Sissy is the queen of indecision. She makes poor choices and waits for someone else to clean them up, or else hope for the best. But she's still a kid. We all know that this is how she is, just like I am how I am, and our dad is crabby like he is. But to yell at her on her first day at college? WHAT THE FUCK, DAD? It makes me feel all angry and hurt because she's my sister and I know she is a stupid twit who makes poor choices, and I'm aloud to yell at her when she tells me she didn't use protection when she cheated with her ex boyfriend and she thinks she might be pregnant because she hasn't gotten her period yet (Oh, yeah, I'm still steaming over that scare), but who in their right mind YELLS AT A KID when they are moving in to college and nervous as hell to begin with and don't know what they want to do with their life or if they're in the right place to start with? Dad is brilliant, but he's a real asshole. He acts like a complete baby and takes out his anger at his own problems by yelling at the sister and me for stupid shit. I just can't believe he yelled at her and made her cry. It hurts.

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