Wednesday, August 16, 2006

042. First Class gets free cocktails? Sweet.

I started bawling at the airport because I felt so shitty and I was there four hours in advance, and the nice sevice rep gave me a free upgrade to first class. :) I had to wait downstairs because I was 20 minutes too early to check my bag, and the first rep told me to just cut the line, but when I came back, the line was HUGE. Probably 100+ people. So I looked for a rep who was walking around and saw no one, found a security guard to see if he'd escort me to the front so I wouldn't get yelled at by disgruntled customers...he wouldn't even let me finish talking, and I just started bawling. Flying sick is not fun to begin with. So I wandered around, trying to compose myself, when I found the elite line with only one person in it. Stood there, tried to clean up my makeup, and finaly spoke to a rep. I explained the situation, and started tearing up again. Said, "it's been a long week." She agreed, checked my bag, gave me tissues, and whispered, "I gave you a complimentary upgrade." :) :) :) I never fy first class, because really, I'm small enough that coach is comfortable. But man, these were like luxery recliners, and we got offered rinks alllll the time. And! We got 75c bags of chips insto f the little itty bags of goldfish. I got home to Atlanta and waited some more for my bags...which never came...because they sent themon a earlier flight and they were sitting on the other end of baggage claim in a small, secure pile. Took bag, went home, and slept. Today, the sister girl and I went shopping. Spent $150 on groceries and presents for our dd, and I bought clothes at the mall. New jeans to replace the ones that broke during hot, lesbian sex, and a couple of shirts. Also got coffee at a cafe, only to later realize how dumb it was to get hot coffee instead of iced like my more intelligent sister. Came home, cooked dinner, made dirt pie for dad, sang birthday well-wishes and watched TV until coming upstairs to crash. Feeling much better, but still have slight temperature. The sister leaves for college tomorrow. Yikes!

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