Monday, August 14, 2006

040. Very Exciting.

Didn't sleep well last night, but it's okay. Jay's friends were over, and so was Eric and his friends, so the house was filled with cute boys and beer, yay! We watched Ferris Beuler, Back to the Future, and played beer pong. Shannon got soo drunk, it was hilarious. Unfortunately, Leighann got no ass last night. She did, however, fall asleep in Sara's dish chair because there were no beds or couches left. Erin was asleep in my bed after studying for her final, so I didn't wake her. Work was insane today, though. The customers were dreadful. *beats them up* I think I am gonna apply for an assload of interships for the fall and try to get a paid one and make moneys and gain experience. Retail is nice, but my pay is horrible and I have not yet been promoted. :( Not much else left to say. Jay just walked through the den without his shirt dragging a large bag. It may have a body in it. Oh, new housemate! His name is Scott and he seems great. Very exciting.

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