Wednesday, August 9, 2006

035. My key is permenantly lodged in the lock. DO you think the burglers will notice?

Excruciating day at work...but I got my points removed with a doctor's note. And they said the real world is nothing like high school. Puh. Came home and my key is permenantly lodged in our front door. Four of us tried to get it out, and four of us failed. I called the landlord, and were using the bolt in the meantime. We told Lauren about it and of course she had to go try it herself. Came back up, "Yep, that key is deinately stuck in there." As if our words werent good enough. I told her, "Yeah, four of us tried to get it out, and none of us could." But she doens't listen. She needed companionship today though. Apparently she was crying earlier. Stuck herself to the lot of us. I disappeared upstairs. Bwah ha ha. We watched 30 days. Neat show. An Atheist woman was staying with a Christian family. The Christian husband had a satan beard, and I really wanted him to stroke it and go, "MWAH HA HA HA." But he didn't. I was terribly disapointed.

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