Monday, August 7, 2006

032. "Your Grandmother Sent You a Person?"

Ugh, I'm so achy-tired-yuck. I don't think I have a fever anymore, but I hurt so much and I am so tired that I'm too restless to sleep. Note to self: joking about killing a housemate is not as funny as one would think, even when talking about creative methods of murder, such as toasters in bathtubs, painkillers in fruitjuice or radioactive microwaves. I took off from work again today. Whatver, I'll take the point. I'm just so....I want to fall over and fall asleep. Lauren has the portable DVD player in her room. I want it so I can watch a movie in my room...but she's not home. Boo. She conveniently didnt tell me that it belongs to the entire house when I dropped it off in her room, so it has lived in her room for the past couple months. We need to vote her out of the house, real world style. It's a little ridunkulous. Everyone is pissed at her, and its just going to escalate. Megan, not a housemate, suggested that we corner her and kick her out. I'm waiting for her to go psycho on us so we have valid grounds. her crazy so she makes her own decision. It'd be better that way. The thing is...she has so many friends, and none of them realize the crazy that is Lauren. They all adore her, but they don't live with her. Something will happen. It'll work out. It's rainy-gross today, but at least it's chilly rather than hot. I'm all wrapped up in my afghan. Yay! Random aside: When I told Jay about my afghan he asked, "Your grandmother sent you a person?"

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