Sunday, August 6, 2006

031. Sick, Blargh

I called in sick to work today. Just don't feel well, and knowing that I would have six days of work in a row rather than three or four made me feel even more stressed. My throat was sore this morning, so I could have the bug going around the house, but I think I'm just not well from not taking care of myself. Hopefully, I'll feel better tomorrow. The party Friday night was all right. Nothing big, just a group of us at Holly's apartment dancing, drinking and smoking. Most of the house left early, and Jay and I left at around one. There wasn't very good music, though the company was nice. My grandma made me an afghan. It's gorgeous with strips like a sunset. I wrapped myelf in it and watched Secondhand Lions on tv this morning. That's a cute movie. TBS is showing Shanghai Noon tonight, but they're advertising it like Brokeback Mountain. Haha, oh, TBS. I'm gonna go relax, maybe take a nap.

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