Sunday, August 27, 2006

056. Foodshopping!

No update, too tired from work and foodshopping.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

055. Plunk on a Drane!

I had a long airport day today, getting to Hartsfield at noon. I said goodbye to the parents, went through security...and waited, waited, waited. Our plane was delayed due to mechanical problems, and then the reps realized it was overbooked. They asked for volunteers, and I got up to put my name on the list. When I went back to my seat, some girl had stolen it and proceeded to take up both of the outlets for her phone and laptop. I scowled, and so did a few other people around her who realized the little witch stole my seat. So wandered around, sat down near the garbage pail and watched a dvd for a little while. Chatted for a second or two with some other passengers, and then I got up to find a real seat--the ground was making my bum go numb. I found the one seat anywhere and asked the lady if it was taken. YES! She shouted angrily and pointed to the purse she put on it. Oh, I said, and turned around. Jesus...she didn't have to yell at me. I found another seat and watched some news for a while when they called my name. I went up to the podium and BAM! They gave me a free round trip and an upgrade to first class if I went on the flight that was leaving in an hour. Happily, I skipped to the new terminal, found a new seat, and waited for my first class seat. Heee. They serve free cockatails, so I had wine, and it was 11% alcohol, and I drank the bottle (two glasses), and I was a weeeee bit tipsy the entire flight. What? A bit of turbulence? Thaaat's okay. What, we're going to crash in a fiery ball of death? Weeeeee! Flying intoxicated rocks.

Friday, August 25, 2006

054. Snazzy!

I have a new suitfor my interview Wednesday. Still havent called work. Today was long. And I think a raccoon died in my ceiling to top it off. Dale the painter got here at 9:30 and painted allll day. I hid away in my room after I got home shopping because if I went downstairs he'd try to make conversation, and I really wasn't in the mood. So...I got nothing done today. Go team!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

053. But...but...Pluto?

Pluto is no longer considered a planet. That makes me sad. Now they want to fix all the science books ever but... Why aren't we learning and using the metric system yet? If you're gonna make us call Pluto a dwarf something or another...can't we at least switch to the metric system too? And I liked the new not-planets we discovered like Ceres. I'm all about the Greek mythology.

052. Rawr.

Nothing to say today. I made a poodle skirt using clearance material from Wal-mart. It's cute. I'm wearing it to a costume party in two weeks. Got an interview with Radio Disney. Now I need to figure how to get off of work. Hmm... I really need to quit. I have two hours of uncompensated travel time and I make $8/hr. I asked for a raise. I've been waiting for a promotion. I am one of the top workers there. :( I don't want to quit, but travel time is way, way too far. I get paid for 8 hours of work when I am out for 11.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

051. Magic Frogs

I have Magic Frog pajama pants, and it is wonderful. :) I need money, though. :(

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

050. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

What would you do if you saw an avalanche tumbling down from the mountainous horizon, and you could run, but unfortunately, behind you is a giant moat of unfriendly sharks? Disaster straight ahead with Lauren, the psycho, who is a paranoid entitlement bitch with borderline OCD who always thinks about what people owe her, and God help you if you are one. Our electric bill is obscenely high, even for the summer, and she's been running her own personal AC. Now, if she were a generally nice girl with money issues, it would be one thing. "Hey, Lauren, our bill is really high. Make sure you keep your AC off when you're not in the room, and don't put the temperature lower than 78. Thanks!" But, no, she thinks the world is out to get her as it is and that she deserves everything she haves even though mommy and daddy pay for everything. I'm being harsh...but the bill is about $80 higher than it has been, and that is taking the hot weather into consideration. I can't believe I'm upset as I am over this, but I think it is a breaking point. Deep breaths, Leigh. I went to Wal-Mart today to buy material for warm pajamas so I won't freeze this year, and then I came home and applied for internships.

Monday, August 21, 2006

049. ...and I am poor.

Unfortunately, there was no light up speculum. But the doctor was real nice. He wasn't my usual, and this is the first male doctor I've had since I was 11. He was real informative about exactly what he was doing and what each test looked for and how it would work. Fuck! I forgot to get my precription for antibiotics. I'll have to call in. After I left, I bought eggplant for cheap and made parmasagn...can't spell today. It will be tasty. :] Went out and met Kyle at the cafe near the grocery. Chatted. He's so good looking. Maybe I'm just perpetually horny at this time of the month. According to my book on hormones, day eleven is your testosterone peak, and it's day eight. Hmmm... Heika, the annoying neighbor from down the street, stopped by with her daughter for "payback" for my little brother's boy scout funraisers. I told her to come back later because no one was home...and I am poor.

048. And then my vagina said...

Kyle ended up staying at church for longer than he expected, and I made plans with Alex when I didn't hear from him. We stayed up talking until almost TWO IN THE FUCKING MORNING at a coffee shop. It was nice. I wish I knew him sooner, but I know him now, and that's cool. Talking. Until two in the morning. Just talking. My vagina was saying, "Hey...hey...what's this? Intellectual conversation? Fuck that. He's hot." He's a good kid. I like him. Now I have a gyno appointment and it's so early I want to go back to bed but no. And my vagina is like, "Well...will there at least be the light-up speculum? If not, I'm going home. You go without me, sweetheart." So, a question for men: Intellectual conversation that goes on until an obscenely late hour = he wants in my pants?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

047. ...or amoral.

Mmmm...Kyle got really hot since he went to college. I want to see him before he leaves again. We're supposed to go for coffee, but the rain is nasty out. He's gonna call later. I wonder if he's single--or amoral. Visited the grandparents today, ate too much food and cake. Now I'm relaxing and hoping my computers battery doesn't die.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

046. Snakes on a my pants!

I saw Snakes on a Plane with my dad just now. Oh, it's all kinds of awesome. See it now. :} Made another purse today for the Grandmother. Embroidered "Going to Market" on the side. It's cute, and useful. I'm quite the crafty little witch. And witty, too. Heee…snakes on crack on a plane…heee.

Friday, August 18, 2006

045. Quick, Robin, to the Batmobile!

Leave Leigh at home with th car keys and what does she do? Burn things? No. She drives to Wal-Mart to buy fabric and makes a purse. It's a lovely purse, too. With magical frogs on the lining. (They are wearing witch hats and have wands and spiders!) That's what I did all day. I sewed. And watched Kyle XY, which is a terrible, terrible TV series. I don't recommend it at all. It's awful. I may have watched some Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs, too. Which are wonderful and educational shows. I do recommend them. Tomorow, I think I'll sew some more. I think I have fabric in my closet. Picked up an assload of books from the library, too. None of the kids I knew from high school are home...I'm so very bored. Matt might be home. I'll call him tomorrow, I think. I don't know if I have his number. Maybe he'll want to see Snakes on a Plane with me. (WHo wouldn't?) The sister is doing well at college. She might join a sorority. I know she'll do well.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

044. Leggo my Eggo

Megan knocked some sense into me and I called Rich and told him the truth. Well, most of it. I told him what he needed to know and why I've been a flake for the past month and that I can't be in any sort of relationship right now. He was okay, but I think I bruised his ego some. He still wants to be friends, which is cool. We'll see what happens.

043. It hurts

The sister left for college today. Our parents drove her into the city and got her all set up. I think she's gonna do well. Dad exploded at her though. It's heart-wrenching. The poor kid made a little mistake and, BAM! Dad went berserk. I heard the story second hand, and man…it makes me feel horrible. Sissy is the queen of indecision. She makes poor choices and waits for someone else to clean them up, or else hope for the best. But she's still a kid. We all know that this is how she is, just like I am how I am, and our dad is crabby like he is. But to yell at her on her first day at college? WHAT THE FUCK, DAD? It makes me feel all angry and hurt because she's my sister and I know she is a stupid twit who makes poor choices, and I'm aloud to yell at her when she tells me she didn't use protection when she cheated with her ex boyfriend and she thinks she might be pregnant because she hasn't gotten her period yet (Oh, yeah, I'm still steaming over that scare), but who in their right mind YELLS AT A KID when they are moving in to college and nervous as hell to begin with and don't know what they want to do with their life or if they're in the right place to start with? Dad is brilliant, but he's a real asshole. He acts like a complete baby and takes out his anger at his own problems by yelling at the sister and me for stupid shit. I just can't believe he yelled at her and made her cry. It hurts.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

042. First Class gets free cocktails? Sweet.

I started bawling at the airport because I felt so shitty and I was there four hours in advance, and the nice sevice rep gave me a free upgrade to first class. :) I had to wait downstairs because I was 20 minutes too early to check my bag, and the first rep told me to just cut the line, but when I came back, the line was HUGE. Probably 100+ people. So I looked for a rep who was walking around and saw no one, found a security guard to see if he'd escort me to the front so I wouldn't get yelled at by disgruntled customers...he wouldn't even let me finish talking, and I just started bawling. Flying sick is not fun to begin with. So I wandered around, trying to compose myself, when I found the elite line with only one person in it. Stood there, tried to clean up my makeup, and finaly spoke to a rep. I explained the situation, and started tearing up again. Said, "it's been a long week." She agreed, checked my bag, gave me tissues, and whispered, "I gave you a complimentary upgrade." :) :) :) I never fy first class, because really, I'm small enough that coach is comfortable. But man, these were like luxery recliners, and we got offered rinks alllll the time. And! We got 75c bags of chips insto f the little itty bags of goldfish. I got home to Atlanta and waited some more for my bags...which never came...because they sent themon a earlier flight and they were sitting on the other end of baggage claim in a small, secure pile. Took bag, went home, and slept. Today, the sister girl and I went shopping. Spent $150 on groceries and presents for our dd, and I bought clothes at the mall. New jeans to replace the ones that broke during hot, lesbian sex, and a couple of shirts. Also got coffee at a cafe, only to later realize how dumb it was to get hot coffee instead of iced like my more intelligent sister. Came home, cooked dinner, made dirt pie for dad, sang birthday well-wishes and watched TV until coming upstairs to crash. Feeling much better, but still have slight temperature. The sister leaves for college tomorrow. Yikes!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

041. :(

Feel like shit. Flying home tonight.

Monday, August 14, 2006

040. Very Exciting.

Didn't sleep well last night, but it's okay. Jay's friends were over, and so was Eric and his friends, so the house was filled with cute boys and beer, yay! We watched Ferris Beuler, Back to the Future, and played beer pong. Shannon got soo drunk, it was hilarious. Unfortunately, Leighann got no ass last night. She did, however, fall asleep in Sara's dish chair because there were no beds or couches left. Erin was asleep in my bed after studying for her final, so I didn't wake her. Work was insane today, though. The customers were dreadful. *beats them up* I think I am gonna apply for an assload of interships for the fall and try to get a paid one and make moneys and gain experience. Retail is nice, but my pay is horrible and I have not yet been promoted. :( Not much else left to say. Jay just walked through the den without his shirt dragging a large bag. It may have a body in it. Oh, new housemate! His name is Scott and he seems great. Very exciting.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

039. Pretty boys and cigarettes.

Too intoxicated to update. Weee! Pretty boys and cigarettes!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

038. Nekkid time!

Haha, I just woke up like 20 minutes ago. *dances in pajamas*

Friday, August 11, 2006

037. Are you achin'?

Today is the Luau, Olé! We decorated the apartment, and it looks fantastic. There are fish on the windows with wavy water and flowers on the wall and Christmas lights and "Beware: Sharks" signs. It looks professional, almost. Catherine and I ran down to the party store and bought leis and beach balls. Jay made this horribly amazing punch that was half vodka, half sprite, and koolaid mix. We got so wasted. So, so, so wasted. The theme was a hit, and we danced in our bathing suits and it was wonderful. Michael is totally not interested. Oh well. The new school year is starting soon.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

036. It was a gay penis

Today was another long day at work, and all I wanted to do was curl up in bed, but Sandra had her friend from home over, and she, the friend, Catherine and I all went out clubbing. Oh! Catherine is here! Her internship in DC is over and she is back with us and there is much joy and rejoicing. We went to Avalon, but it was closed, so we found another club that let us in. It ended up being gay night, which was fantastic, but I got shot down twice by two gay guys. So, I put my accent on thick and pretended to be an oblivious Southern gal, which got me dancing with another boy who asked, "Do you come here often?" "No, I'm from Georgia." "Oh, me and my friends come here often." Oh, hilarity. We took a rest and then met this couple who would dance with us, and Sandra and Catherine got the best gay lap dances of their lives. "I…I…had a penis in my face. A gay penis." That made the whole night worth it. We went home and crashed, and it was good.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

035. My key is permenantly lodged in the lock. DO you think the burglers will notice?

Excruciating day at work...but I got my points removed with a doctor's note. And they said the real world is nothing like high school. Puh. Came home and my key is permenantly lodged in our front door. Four of us tried to get it out, and four of us failed. I called the landlord, and were using the bolt in the meantime. We told Lauren about it and of course she had to go try it herself. Came back up, "Yep, that key is deinately stuck in there." As if our words werent good enough. I told her, "Yeah, four of us tried to get it out, and none of us could." But she doens't listen. She needed companionship today though. Apparently she was crying earlier. Stuck herself to the lot of us. I disappeared upstairs. Bwah ha ha. We watched 30 days. Neat show. An Atheist woman was staying with a Christian family. The Christian husband had a satan beard, and I really wanted him to stroke it and go, "MWAH HA HA HA." But he didn't. I was terribly disapointed.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

034. In retrospect, that was a terrible, terrible idea

Woke up fine this morning, but by the time I got to work, I was achey all over. Went into the break room and sat down. Ended up going to the clinic and then home. Never going to the clinic EVER again. Got treated shitty by the clerk and the doctor. The nurses were sweet, but the doctor was an asshole. I tried to give him as much information as possible, how we had strep going around the house and one of my housemates had mono. He says: You weren't kissing your housemate, were you? UGH. I need to find a real doctor around here. The nurses at the clinic are wonderful, but the doctors.--except for the little, old British man--are assholes. Got home, slept until 7. Decided I wanted milk tea, went to catch the T, completely missed it and the driver wouldn't stop to let me on, walked to CVS instead and got TheraFlu. Going to bed. I can't miss work again.

Monday, August 7, 2006

033. Boozin' it up

Still a little sick, tired, and I have to get up at nine tomorrow. So what am I gonna do? Drink with Callie who just got back from Florida! I missed her, and were making screwdrivers, and the whole house is celebrating. I'm glad to have her back. :)

032. "Your Grandmother Sent You a Person?"

Ugh, I'm so achy-tired-yuck. I don't think I have a fever anymore, but I hurt so much and I am so tired that I'm too restless to sleep. Note to self: joking about killing a housemate is not as funny as one would think, even when talking about creative methods of murder, such as toasters in bathtubs, painkillers in fruitjuice or radioactive microwaves. I took off from work again today. Whatver, I'll take the point. I'm just so....I want to fall over and fall asleep. Lauren has the portable DVD player in her room. I want it so I can watch a movie in my room...but she's not home. Boo. She conveniently didnt tell me that it belongs to the entire house when I dropped it off in her room, so it has lived in her room for the past couple months. We need to vote her out of the house, real world style. It's a little ridunkulous. Everyone is pissed at her, and its just going to escalate. Megan, not a housemate, suggested that we corner her and kick her out. I'm waiting for her to go psycho on us so we have valid grounds. her crazy so she makes her own decision. It'd be better that way. The thing is...she has so many friends, and none of them realize the crazy that is Lauren. They all adore her, but they don't live with her. Something will happen. It'll work out. It's rainy-gross today, but at least it's chilly rather than hot. I'm all wrapped up in my afghan. Yay! Random aside: When I told Jay about my afghan he asked, "Your grandmother sent you a person?"

Sunday, August 6, 2006

031. Sick, Blargh

I called in sick to work today. Just don't feel well, and knowing that I would have six days of work in a row rather than three or four made me feel even more stressed. My throat was sore this morning, so I could have the bug going around the house, but I think I'm just not well from not taking care of myself. Hopefully, I'll feel better tomorrow. The party Friday night was all right. Nothing big, just a group of us at Holly's apartment dancing, drinking and smoking. Most of the house left early, and Jay and I left at around one. There wasn't very good music, though the company was nice. My grandma made me an afghan. It's gorgeous with strips like a sunset. I wrapped myelf in it and watched Secondhand Lions on tv this morning. That's a cute movie. TBS is showing Shanghai Noon tonight, but they're advertising it like Brokeback Mountain. Haha, oh, TBS. I'm gonna go relax, maybe take a nap.

Saturday, August 5, 2006

030. Long day.

What a long day at work. I got home about an hour ago, ate some Chinese, and now I am ready to crash. Ugh.

Friday, August 4, 2006

Thursday, August 3, 2006

028. Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Long, long day at work, and someone is using my vegetable oil and milk. Hmmm... I will have to investigate this. The heat wave breaks tomorrow. A big ol' thunderstorm is rumbling through.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Meme: 41 Things You Never Think to Ask

I stole this meme from 1. Have you ever been searched by the cops? Never. 2. Do you close your eyes on roller coasters? Yes, I do. And I love rollercoasters. 3. When's the last time you've been sledding? Freshman year of college, in a parking lot on contraband lunch trays. 4. Would you rather sleep with someone else, or alone? I like sleeping by myself, and with someone. I like sleeping with my friends better than by myself. 5. Do you believe in ghosts? I plead the fifth. 6. Do you consider yourself creative? I think so. 7. Do you think O.J. killed his wife? Yes. 8. Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie? Angelina Jolie. She's hot. 9. Do you stay friends with your ex's? Eh, I try, but my relationships don't last very long, so there is little to lose. I'll be civil, but...unless we were friends before, you can't build a friendship off that. 10. Do you know how to play poker? Yes. And I'm good at it, too. 11. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight? Oh, yes. A few times. I'm a fan of, "Oh, it's not due until the end of the semester? Nice. Ladeda...shiiiiiit! Thats tomorrow!" 12. What's your favorite commercial? The Yaris commercials. I love a lot of commercials, though. I like to watch them and see what the advertisers do well and what they do wrong. 13. What are you allergic to? Bees, bugs and bread mold. 14. If you're driving in the middle of the night, and no one is around do you run red lights? Yes. And I make left turns on red. 15. Do you have a secret that no one knows but you? Sometimes, but they usually don't last as secrets very long. I can keep anyone else's secrets, but not my own. Except for a select few. But, yeah, I drink...and I talk...a lot. 16. Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees? Red Sox, duh. 17. Have you ever been Ice Skating? Yes. I can move forward and backward and do various turn-y things. 18. How often do you remember your dreams? Quite often. But if I don't record them, they fade away to deja vu. 19. When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? Watched the Chappelle Show with Kurt and Paulisha at work. 20. Can you name 5 songs by The Beatles? Help! Eleanor Rigby Yellow Submarine Twist and Shout The Birthday Song 21. What's the one thing on your mind now? I really want sex...where's my man-servent? 22. Do you believe in love at first sight? Nope. 23. Do you know who Ghetto-ass barbie is? Yes! 24. Do you always wear your seat belt? Absolutely, unless I am in a taxi. 25 what cell service do you use? Cingular. 26. Do you like Sushi? Yes, but I'm a fan of the fake sort, so I don't know if that counts. I like the real ones, too, but there's something delectable about processed crab meat. 27. Have you ever narrowly avoided a fatal accident? Yes, I think so. I almost got hit by a subway car once. It was inches away from my back when I was waiting on the curb. 28. What do you wear to bed? Nothing. No, that's a lie. I life with six people, so I where my bra and panties. 29. Been caught stealing? No. 30. what shoe size do you have? 6 American 31. Do you truly hate anyone? No, it's a waste of energy. But there are people I strongly dislike. 32. Classic Rock or Rap? Classic Rock...but you can dance to rap. I change my answer: Rap. 33. If you could sleep with one famous person, who would it be? Shakira. She's really hot. And I'm listening to her now. Or Heath Ledger, because he's the Joker and he's a gay cowboy AND a knight. 34. Are you a virgin No 35. Have you ever sang in front of the mirror? Yes. With a hairbrush microphone. Hairbrushes are versatile. 36. What food do you find disgusting? Peas. Ick. 37. Do you sing in the shower? At home I do because I can put the radio up. Here, I don't have a radio in the bathroom. I should put one there, though. 38. Did you ever play, "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours"? No... 39. Have you ever made fun of your friends behind their back? Yes. And I'm going to hell for it. 40. Have you ever stood up for someone you hardly knew? Yes. 41. Have you ever been punched in the face? No, but I've been hit with a soccer ball, car door and shelves.

027. State of Emergency

The mayor declared a state of emergency in Boston. Temperatures are reaching the nineties, and in some areas, breaking 100*F. It's insane. To anyone else experiencing this heat wave, if you have any elderly neighbors or relatives, remember to check up on them every once and a while. And drink lots of water. Or booze. No, booze dehydrates, nevermind. It's been a long couple days at the store. Kurt and I are battling head to head to win the add-on contest. It's a lot of fun. I'm so exhuasted, though. It's just way, way too hot.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

026. Anybody home?

I feel like I haven't seen my housemates in ages, even though I just saw Shannon downstairs. There are seven of us in the house, but two are gone for the week, one just returned, one is holed away sick, one works and goes to school, and the last is out with his girlfriend. We cross paths but it's like an instant, or a moment to share breakfast and then, whoosh, off we go. It's funny, too, how comfortable you can get with people. I have conversations with Shannon while wearing only a bra and pants. Jay walks around the house in his pink towel. Callie belches in the middleof conversations. Oh, apartment life. I really do love my roommates, even though I have issues with a particular psychopath. It's all part of the experience, though.