Sunday, July 30, 2006

024. Warriors, Come Out to Plaaaaay!

Last night, the apartment went to a Warriors party. We made our own gang: The Accountant Killaz. We all wore white shirts, jeans, ties and markered "AK" on the backs of our hands. We were very threatening. The party was fantastic--we could challenge any gang we wanted (the Randoms, the Day Lilies, etc) to a fight: Dance-offs, coloring contests, twister, flip-cup, thumb wrestling... I won a coloring contest because, even drunk, I can color inside the lines. W-2! It was a great theme. The Accountant Killaz won some sort of award for our mad skillz and we got water toys for playing and pummeling. I also said no to two propositions. Go me, I'm not a floozy. I still have my tattoos on the backs of my hands. Haha, that was fun to have at work today. After a hugely long day at work, Kurt drove me home, and I gave him the grand tour of the house. More Lauren drama, unfortunately. Last night I made dinner and put my dishes in the sink. She went psycho and told me to clean them before I left. Fine, I took the path of least resistance and cleaned all the dishes, leaving only the pots to soak. "Leighann...why are these pots in the sink." "Because they can't go in the dish washer and they need to soak." *draws marker tattoo on self* "Oh. Can you clean them before you leave." "...Okay." I marched into Jay's room, pitched a fit, finished my damn tattoos, and marched back out. Lauren is already cleaning the dishes, even though she is "sick," and she is slamming them down on the counter. "Can you put these away." "Of course..." Psychobitch. You know damn well that I would have been true to my word and cleaned them the next day because unlink you, I will clean because it is the right thing to do, and I won't martyr myself. There were five pots in the sink, and one of them was mine. I would have happily cleaned all of them TOMORROW WHEN I WAS SOBER. And, even if I didn't, someone else eventually would have WITHOUT COMPLAINING ABOUT "BUT IT'S NOT MY DISHES!!!!" Ugh. She makes me so angry.


  1. sounds like a fun party. Reminds me of the kind of parties we have over here :)
    sucks about your psycho roomie. I've been fortunate so far in never having one, and i hope it stays that way *crosses fingers*
    Maybe she'll totally go off the deep end, and you all can have her committed? lol

  2. That would be hilarious.

    I feel bad for her, but it's likely one of these days our shenanigans will drive her out.