Friday, July 28, 2006

022. Positively Nasty

It was positively nasty outside tonight. The sky went dark, and the rain came down in sheets. It's finally subsided, and tomorrow should be nice out. The lightening storm was terrifying, though. I chilled today, did laundry, watched the 10th Kingdom with Lauren and relazed some more. It was very, very hot inside the house. The rent problem is slowly resolving itself. Once I get everyone's checks in and cool down, I am going to explain that I need the checks in advance, even if I don't deposit them for a week. It's security. And really, there shouldn't be any issue with handing me a piece of paper. Callie left me a note before she went home. She thanked me for going with her to the hospital. It was really sweet. I hope she comes back to the house soon. It's so empty without her. Party tomorrow. Rich's ex will be there. Blargh. Irresponsibly, I'm throwing caution to the wind. If she tattles on me? Well, I sabotaged myself, and she still will look like the bitch. Besides, Rich knows I'm "just having fun."

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