Sunday, July 23, 2006

016. Kicked Out, but Worth It!

You know you're never truly great friends with someone until you three-way kiss her with a gay man and then do the Walk of Shame home from her place. Oh, yes, last night was fantastic. Leslie finally came out with us, and we went to another facebook party. The entire apartment, save for Lauren, went out, First we went down the street, but we quickly realized that we were the party there and left because it was boring and Shannon found a better place. The new party was packed with kids from our college, but we didn't know any of them. I met Aaron, the chauvinist, who is really kinda cute, except that he hates women. There was Baron, who is a photo-journalist and a very nice kid. Then, there was also Jerrod, who is beautiful and gay, but has respect for the vagina. He is a man Leslie and I decided to kiss, and we ended up putting on quite a show on the balcony. I rather liked him. I went inside and danced for a long time after that with a cute Asian guy and a pretty blonde girl. I must have a thing for blonds. It was incredible. I love to dance, especially like that. I remember thinking, "It's like sex on the dance floor!" I think that's a line from a movie. Even Shannon danced with us for a while. Finally, the Asian guy asked me and the other girl if we wanted to go to his place next door. I'm proud of myself for saying, "No, I can't leave this party." We still ended up in the bathroom making out. Yeah, we got kicked out of the party for that. Whoops. I ran to the porch and called Leslie before they kicked me out, but the other two kids were sent home, and I think the blonde chick actually had a girlfriend at the party who was not pleased. Jerrod was outside, and we hung out there for a little while. It rained, so we all got soaked, until Jerrod pulled out his snazzy umbrella. Leslie had gone next door to see her friends there and I went to go see her. We decided it was time to go, as everyone else from the apartment already left, and took a cab back to her place, during which we had a very colorful conversation (in a funny, cheerful way) with the driver when Leslie exclaimed, "That was my first Black Man," referring to a boy she had made out with. Originally, we were going to come back to the apartment, but it was late, we were tired, and there were cartoons on the TV, so we gossiped and watched Inuyasha (sp?) until dawn and then went to bed. The next morning afternoon, I got dressed and took the T back here to the house. It was a good night.

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